Mazing Art Posters

Girl on a Wall Maze

Located in an apartment in Barcelona, Spain, this maze is the outline of a girl looking at her phone. It shows a person endlessly getting absorbed in technology, lost to the outside world, lost in their own maze. The mazes starts at a point that represents desire – whether for validation, love, power, money, lust, or vanity – and finishes […]

Mazing Art Kickstarter

Mazing Art Studio is live on Kickstarter! The goal of the campaign is $5,000 which would be used to produce more prints and to register for art shows across the US. The campaign is live until Friday October 3rd. I’ve identified several art shows across the US that I am aiming to register for, and […]

Semester at Sea’s Shipboard Auction – Summer 14

On the recent Summer 2014 Semester at Sea voyage, I donated 4 maze painting posters to be part of the SAS shipboard drive’s silent auction. The shipboard drive, composed of silent and live auctions, raised more than $10,000 for the funding of Semester at Sea student scholarships. Semester at Sea is a global comparative  study abroad program […]

Dream Big Maze Mural

  This massive 10,000 square foot maze is part of the IX Art Park in Charlottesville, Virginia. The idea was to connect the four main entrances of the space in a fun and interactive way, taking the normal out of getting from one place to another. When entering the space or leaving the building there […]