Mazing Art Posters

Dr. Bob

This maze was made as a birthday present for a friend of mine in Med school. In the center is his school and emblem. Around the school is a brain, stethoscope, and Phish’s logo. In the corners are “Jameson,” a personal favorite of Bob’s, as well as a music note.

Music Maze

This maze is focused on the love of music.  In the center is a quote by William Shakespeare – “If music be the food of love, play on.” Around the quote are music notes, rests, celfs, staffs, sharp, flat, natural, and several other musical symbols. Play on!

Irish Maze

Getting back to my roots – this maze is all things Irish, with the base of the Irish flag, and four-leaf clover in the center. In the flag are English and Gaelic words that have popular Irish associations.

Dirty Guv’nahs

  In this maze I put a quote from the band The Dirty Guv’nahs song “Don’t Give Up On Me.” The featured quote “Old enough to know, but young enough to still believe” is one of my favorites. I see it as knowing the odds of achieving or doing something, small odds that seem unreachable […]